The Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce and Uber Canada have partnered on a new initiative taking you Direct to Black Business!

At Uber Canada, we want to continue doing our part to break down the barriers of systematic bias and structural racism for Black entrepreneurs, which is why we are proud to partner with the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce (CBCC) on their latest initiative.

The CBCC is launching “Black Business Direct”— the first national digital directory for Black-owned small businesses from coast to coast to coast. Black Business Direct provides a platform for businesses and the community to find black-owned businesses directly. The service will be free to join—and free to view, ensuring Canadians have a single online source to help them easily discover and support new Black-owned restaurants, retail shops, vendors, and entrepreneurs.

“From surveys to regional lists and crowd-sourced documents, we’ve always looked for ways to promote and share information about Black-owned businesses,” said Michael Forrest Founder of the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce. “With Black Business Direct, Canadians can now access one directory that is representative of Black-owned businesses from across the country. We know this service will help generate more support and customers for our restaurants, retail shops, vendors and entrepreneurs.”

The Black Business Directory builds on shared efforts by the Black community to date by ensuring its long-term sustainability through the support of partners like Uber Canada. We are pleased to be entering into this long-term relationship with Uber Canada.

“Uber Canada is pleased to support the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce and Black-owned businesses with this incredibly important initiative,” said Lola Kassim, General Manager, Uber Eats Canada. “We’ve seen from our own initiatives in support of Black-owned restaurants that Canadians are looking for ways to support Black-owned businesses. Building a permanent, comprehensive directory will make this even easier.”

The Directory will provide the needed exposure and support for businesses like the B. Wright Event Space.

“The Directory is an important initiative for the Black community,” said Richard Burgher, Owner/Operator, B. Wright Event Space. “It will bring much-needed exposure, helping Canadians discover local Black-owned businesses to support. Whether it’s Black-owned restaurants, shops, or venues like The B. Wright Event Space, this platform will help us in the long run.”

The Black Pages launched in October 2021 during Black Business Week. Interested Black small business owners can register today at