Our Mission At North Love Arts, we unite and advocate for an inclusive community of artists, forgin


Who We Are

North Love Arts is a diverse group of artists who aim to create unique and immersive experiences that blend different art forms. They host music masterclass workshops for both emerging and established musicians, produce concerts showcasing BIPOC talent and curate film screenings ranging from shorts to feature-length narratives. Their events are multi-sensory experiences that combine music, visual, and technology in innovative ways, all driven by a commitment to experimentation and collaboration in their deep love of the arts.

What We’re Made Of

North Love Arts is a collective with a proven track record of supporting and promoting BIPOC artists in Canada. They have organized a variety of programs, including music events, workshops, and festivals, which showcase the work of emerging BIPOC artists in Toronto, Windsor, and Vancouver. These events provide a platform for artists to reach new audiences and gain exposure.


Black Chamber
Toronto , Canada