Grow Home, Please

Grow Home, Please

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300 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
Toronto, ON
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Grow Home, Please was birthed from the understanding that home is within US and the more we pour into ourselves- the more we grow and the more we live.

Grow Home, Please encourages the act of creating a home for ourselves within ourselves. Home is wherever we are. The mission of Grow Home, Please is to wrap around individuals to support them in establishing a strong and healthy foundation- evolving into their best selves. Through passion-focused career navigation, workshops, and the harnessing of stories- of vulnerability, we foster space and services that encourage individuals to nourish the place that has kept them going and growing for their entire lives. Knowing that with dedicated efforts, they can just grow home and make their dwellings exactly what they need them to be.

Grow Home, Please believes that when we share our stories, we unravel parts of ourselves, creating space for new narratives, new learnings and new experiences. We believe that when we share our stories, we gain power exponentially because we are using our voices to share and own what is ours, instead of others taking the reigns and doing so themselves.

“When we share our stories, we heal. Sharing my story has created so much healing and freedom. It’s been a catalyst to eliminating the shame that was once so heavy. I feel lighter, I breathe easier and I know that I’ve already begun to heal generations to come. That’s what vulnerability can do - mend intergenerational trauma. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m glad that I can put my bags down and stay a while.”

Through the facilitation of workshops and storytelling, we instill vulnerability, confidence, resilience, and strength into all. We have a firm belief that present situations do not have to dictate the future and that everyone has a choice to be and do better at any point in time, regardless of their circumstance. We encourage individuals to harness their personal stories to ultimately control their narratives, creating a sense of power to propel forward through vulnerability. We consult with individual organizations and groups to discuss client demographics, outcomes, and learning strategies to develop engaging experiences for all. We pride ourselves on delivering workshops and talks that speak to each individual, supporting topics inclusive of storytelling, vulnerability, and passion-rooted career navigation.

Vanessa, the Founder of Grow Home, Please, continues to be an advocate for both professional and self-development. She has a strong passion for assisting individuals in obtaining and maintaining roles that are fulfilling and ones that ultimately become catalysts to achieving long-term goals and success. She has proudly supported over 1000 individuals internationally since October 2018; admirably, 95% of her clients have been members of the Black community. Vanessa has successfully assisted professionals in securing roles with provincial and federal governments, non-profit organizations, post-secondary institutions, and more.