The Nikki Clarke Show is about Conversations That Matter. The people on the show are making a positi


The Nikki Clarke Show is about Conversations That Matter. The people on the show are making a positive impact in the world as they transform lives, one story at a time. The show is a vehicle to provide people of all walks of life a platform to candidly share stories of the trials and triumphs to create authentic connections. The Nikki Clarke Show is hosted by founder and producer, Nikki Clarke.

The Nikki Clarke Show gives a platform to share “your story” and consequently, build relationships and create an opportunity for the targeted audience to relate to your brand; with tapings taking place in Toronto, New York, or Montreal. Now more than ever, the need for functional, upbuilding and inspirational content in media is on the rise, with statistics showing that 85 percent of Canadian internet users watched online video content in 2014, with expectations of growth in this year; making the audience availability and growth opportunities for corporate advertising a lucrative market.

We hope that you will join us in our quest to offer inspirational, enriched substance accessible to viewers and ensure universal access to high quality broadcasting by becoming a partner with the Nikki Clarke Show. We have a unique opportunity to create enormous amounts of awareness for multiple demographics ranging from teenagers and young adults to parents (30-55 years old). The show has a professional crew, a great sound system, and a stage for incredible performances. Teaming up with your company will allow us to get the best possible programming and keep offering the kinds of interesting shows to increase the awareness of the audience about the essential lifestyle and cultural trends in society.

The Nikki Clarke Show can be found on Afroglobal TV, Mondays at noon and Tuesdays at 6 pm EST on Bell Fibe 2472, Rogers 708, Ignite 884, Telus 2701, and Eastlink 886 Thursdays at 11 am EST on Jaundoo Radio, and podcasts on Itunes, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. I hope that you will consider partnering with The Nikki Clarke Show. Contact us at or call 647-741-0470.


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