L.A. Wade Media Inc. is a dynamic multimedia company dedicated to broadening perspectives through di


a dynamic multimedia company committed to expanding mindsets through diverse narratives and creative energy. Specializing in storytelling, videography, editing, branding, and marketing, we go beyond media production, actively contributing to mental health advocacy and social impact initiatives. Our dedication to diversity and inclusion is evident in our mission to amplify underrepresented voices, champion Black businesses, and foster inclusivity. L.A. Wade Media Inc. understands the influential power of media, shaping perceptions and culture. Proudly using our expertise to drive positive social change, we collaborate, tell stories, and provide innovative multimedia solutions. Committed to a more equitable society, we aim to make a lasting impact on the world, one narrative at a time. Welcome to a space where creativity meets purpose, and where our passion for media is matched only by our dedication to social progress.


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L.A. Wade
Toronto , Canada