The Chonilla Network, founded in 2009 by Sherley and Clove, is Canada's premier BIPOC podcasting pla


The Chonilla Network stands out as the premier BIPOC podcasting network in Canada, established by Sherley and Clove in 2009. Initially conceived to host their show, formerly titled "Chonilla". Over time, the network's scope broadened to encompass a diverse array of podcasts covering various subjects, consistently highlighting a multitude of voices and perspectives. Notable examples include Uncolonized, Interracial Jawn, and Black Canadian Creators, among others.

In addition to its diverse array of podcasts, the Chonilla Network provides valuable services such as podcast consultancy and training. This offering caters to businesses, freelancers, and creatives seeking to leverage podcasting as a potent marketing tool. Whether aiding in the launch of new shows or bolstering existing ones with production support, the network's expertise proves instrumental in optimizing podcast success. Moreover, the Chonilla Network extends its reach by facilitating talent management and fostering connections between brands and Black creatives across Canada through the Black Canadian Creators directory.


Sherley Joseph
Toronto , Canada