Digital Samurai builds end-to-end marketing and technology solutions that enable entrepreneurs to Mo


Digital Samurai builds end-to-end marketing and technology solutions that bridge the gap between what technology can do and how it's actually used.

By leveraging standardized technology, AI tools, and tactics, we're able to replace an entire team of marketing and production experts for the cost of one senior-level position.


To equip entrepreneurs with seamless, invisible technology and production tools, tactics and digital agility so they can monetize their story, focus solely on the profitable work they're passionate about, and design their future with a flexible work model.

Martin is a serial entrepreneur, Founder of Unified Digital Solutions Inc., Chief Technology Architect at Digital Samurai, and Master Instructor at Digital Ronin Apprentice. Martin has predicted and written about emerging technology for more than 30 years.

Martin believes strongly that technology should be efficient, intuitive, and effortless to use. Martin integrated “Samurai thinking,” tactics practiced by Samurai for 1,200 years, into Digital Samurai, creating an innovative program for entrepreneurs that leverages technology, digital marketing, and advanced learning techniques.

Martin has developed interactive kiosks, digital signage systems, and custom digital marketing solutions for corporate clients. Clients have included Ford Motor Company of Canada, Rogers Cable TV, Shaw Cable TV, McDonald’s, Panasonic US, Hallmark Cards, Coldwell Banker Canada, The Midas Group, The University of Western Ontario and Bayer/AGFA.

Martin has been a Japanese Martial Arts Expert and YMCA volunteer Karate instructor for over 20 years. Holds the Samurai title of Kyoshi from the Japanese Imperial Family, the ranks of Rokudan (6th degree Black Belt) in Karate, Sandan (5th degree) in Iaido, and Shodan in Kobudo (Japanese weapons).


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Martin Ricketts
Toronto , Canada