The Drip Honey

The Drip Honey

Community Organization Education Food & Hospitality
665 Kingston Road
Toronto, ON
Socially-conscious Black Beekeeping organization. (Storefront-free)


THE DRIP prioritizes people and the environment first. We take pride in the quality of our products, so to get there, we have to start at the base level: sustainability.

For the health of our bees and the planet, we ensure that The Drip bees have a wide variety of blooms to forage from. Providing a healthy, varied diet to our bees creates honey that is of the highest quality, with more beneficial properties than a single-source honey.

By being a socially-conscious member of the community, we do not cut corners for profit. We value our community and our people, and are specifically focused on decolonizing our interactions with food and the land.

The Drip Honey is the taste of commitment to social and environmental justice.


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Selina-Rachel Mendez
Toronto , Canada