We offer counselling, PTSD, Behavioral, Loss and Grief therapy, CBT., N.L.P. Hypnosis, Brainwave


We, the family, are trusting that we can truly work comfortably as a team, with the parents and the schools to propel our children to greatness. Contrary to the limitations put on us as parents and teachers, by outside forces, let's forge ahead to make a difference for keeping our children's minds focused on learning and not distracted by the negative things around them.

Suffice it to say that when we have been given the role as stewards over the minds of developing children...it is very paramount that we equip ourselves with the right mindset, as parents and educators.

Therefore as facilitators we.must be prepared to meet the developmental needs of the young.minds with love, patience, encouraging and kind words of support, empowering them to excellence....to reach their fullest potential.

So let's not see this position as a 9 to 5 job; instead let's work together to build the "old waste places", by cultivating the environment, devoid of preconceived notions of the mind. Let's be vigilant and get rid of the toxic level of low-consciousness, and so encourage, inspire and motivate the renewal of the mind, for all children in our care, as grandparents, parents, therapists, counsellors, debriefers and educators, going forward.


Monday - Friday - 11am - 7pm; occasional evenings and weekends as necessary.