I help millennial women break the vicious cycle of over-achieving millennial women.


My coaching company is a faith-based company that serves high-achieving millennial women who are cracking under the pressure of excellence to experience God more intimately so that they can live and lead purposely in rest, flow and joy! By tapping into their Aligned Power through understanding their authentic identity, trusting their intuition, and owning their influence, they’ll break the vicious cycle of over-achieving and burnout and find peace in success. As a Restorative Purpose Coach, my clients and I journey into the light of their uniqueness and authenticity using biblically-based spiritual principles, cerebral (mindset), and somatic (physiological and energetic) processes to guide, nurture, and heal the wounded parts of themselves. I believe in the embodiment of wisdom to guide you in creating a powerfully aligned impact in the world.



Rafiat Ahmed
Toronto , Canada