Mothers to Daughters (M2D)

M2D is a For-Impact organization proud to lead the way in bridging the gap among women.


Mothers to Daughters (M2D) is an intergenerational women’s community with a mission to minimize the generational gaps among women and help support establishing the women’s right to an equal future.

M2D aims to intergenerational knowledge transfer by connecting the Mothers (Baby Boomers, Gen Xers) with the Daughters (Millennials, Gen Zers) around the globe and newcomers in Canada through educational programs, networking events, mentorship opportunities, and open idea exchanges. While Daughters are generally on the receiving end from Mothers- who are more experienced in life, career, and business, M2D’s goal is to foster a meaningful engagement since there is an intersectionality where both generations can play the demand-supply roles.We offer 2 programs to help our community members thrive, as follow:

- Legacy Building Apprenticeship is curated to address the different needs at each stage of women’s lives, spanning from 18 to 80 years of age. It is designed to create opportunities for current leaders and shape future leaders. Mentors will offer their experience to the younger generation to equip them with tools to show up differently in society and in their personal lives to empower the generations to come.

- Guiding Lights is a mentorship program geared for young newcomers women to offer guidance and empower them to rise in the workplace or entrepreneurial endeavours. There is a champion in each newcomer in need of support. This project will offer the support and guidance from industry experts to help newcomers rise above all odds, represent their respective communities, and become fully functional and capable in society.



Francine Mbvoumbo
Toronto , Canada