blackprint is an online marketplace designed to amplify black owned businesses. Sell and buy product


Amplifying the Voices of the Artisans


Blackprint is inspired by the African diasporic community to create a lifestyle and ecommerce experience that is centralized to support the needs of consumers.  Blackprint creatively curates stories with intention to connect Culture, Commerce, and Community, while exhibiting amazing products and services.

Our goal is to amplify Black Owned Businesses to generate a sustainable resource of generational wealth. 

Facilitating relationships is key!

Your business growth and sustainability are important to us and we are here to support you. Let's tell the customer who you are, the person behind the brand. Promotions, rebranding, and brand partnership opportunities to amplify your business.

The Next Generation

Investing = longevity!

Jumpstart your ideas. Let's put a lens focus on investing in young black entrepreneurs. Facilitating programs for support, growth, and building relationships!



Black Chamber
Toronto , Canada