I am a realtor with Avenue North Realty who helps people upgrade their lifestyle and wealth


Michael is a lifestyle and wealth-building real agent from Canada's capital city of Ottawa. He has a wealth of experience helping people in the areas of:

- First home purchases

- Real estate investing

- Private lending mortgages

- Property management

- Commercial leasing and purchasing

- Rent-to-Own

- Condos

- Strategic property renovations

Michael's business style involves helping people solve their problems and achieve their goals with C.A.R.E.:

C - Customer Service: Providing exceptional customer service by concentrating on his clients' needs by providing helpful advice.

A - Analysis: Being analytical and detail-oriented in solving clients' problems through market research and analysis, and developing creative solutions that increase their pleasure and reduce their pain.

R - Relationships: Being rapport-oriented where he is approachable and connects with people to build win-win relationships. He listens and responds to their needs in a timely and attentive manner. Through these qualities, he underpromises and over-delivers to exceed their expectations.

E - Education: Educating clients to make well-informed decisions that they are comfortable with to achieve their personal goals and pursue their dreams and ambitions.


Sunday to Saturday - 8AM - 10PM