Damian Box Branding

Damian Box Branding

Marketing & Creative Services Web Design & Development Consulting & Coaching
205 Horton St. E, Suite 201, 2nd Floor
London, ON
The perfect blend of style, design and personality. Offering brand consultation & Graphic Designing.


Our services are meant to help our clients through every stage of the business life cycle. From start-ups to national brands, our goal is to partner with businesses and brands to help guide their creative and digital efforts and connect them with their customers at multiple points on the path to purchase.

Your brand is your only chance to make the best possible first impression. Customers make an inordinate amount of assumptions about you based purely on how you present yourself. They can instantly make a judgement call on you and your entire business.

So, you had better look the part.

Your brand should speak to who you are. Everything from your logo, to your colours, to the typeface you use needs to be fully considered and designed to be a true representation of your purpose. This is how brands build depth and meaning, and identities that encourage engagement.

Damian Box RGD is a brand consultant & Registered Graphic Designer with over 15 years of experience in boutique studios and in-house creative departments.