The Trauma and Embodiment Association of Ontario

The Trauma and Embodiment Association of Ontario

TEAO is a start-up non-profit organization that will provide high-quality, embodied, trauma-informed



Provide youth and adults/families with fast access to high-quality services.

Identify and intervene in youth and adult mental health and addictions issues early through workshops, education and embodiment.

Close critical service gaps for vulnerable youth and adults, children and youth at key transition points, adults and those adults in remote and marginalized communities.

Create a community where all people have the opportunity to thrive, enjoying good mental health and well-being throughout their lifetime – a community where people with mental illness or addictions can recover and participate in welcoming, supportive, mindful and interactive communities.

Give more marginalized and vulnerable youth, adults and their families the services they need; more quickly, and more effectively to prevent and reduce the personal, social and economic costs of mental health and addictions problems.

Create awareness and education around typically unspoken mental health topics and stigmas.

Work to prevent suffering and support the road to recovery throughout the lifespan.



Nicole Brown Faulknor
Kitchener , Canada