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Hamilton, ON
WÏSQ is a home fragrance company, with a collection of scents designed to evoke nostalgic memories


WÏSQ is a home fragrance company based in Hamilton, Ontario. Inspired by scents that linger long after boots are kicked off and bags are unpacked, our collection is designed to evoke memories reminiscent of the places you’ve been while teasing out those you long to explore.

Our aim: bottle up lived experiences and send people on a voyage; not necessarily in space, but down memory lane.

We hope that each scent brings with it a familiar comfort and beauty found someplace between home and wandering as you get wisqed away by each subtle whiff. Our candles and diffusers are for wanderlusters, daydreamers, and adventurers.

Created in 2018 by Abi Sutherland, WÏSQ is propelled by grit, simplicity, and intention. After months of sourcing and testing the finest ingredients, our candles and diffusers reflect that philosophy. Carefully curated and handcrafted, WÏSQ candles contain 100% pure soy wax and a lead-free cotton wick, and the diffusers have a base of sweet almond oil. Our unique scents are derived from essential and/or fragrance oil blends

All products are free of additives, phthalates, and petroleum—for an environmentally friendly use.