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We serve companies who are in need of investigating work-related frauds, internal theft and Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) cases. Opportunity to commit fraud often arises when there is failure in the control over systems, processes or checks in place. In most cases employees do not set out to defraud a company. They see an opportunity – a crack in the system – where their activities may go unnoticed and then they start to rationalize their behavior. A motive is never far away. The key message is that opportunity often comes first and the fraud grows and grows until it is detected – often resulting in huge losses for the employer.

There is obviously a human element to employee fraud. It often involves co-workers and colleagues that may have been in the company for a number of years. It is sometimes difficult for the fraud victims to be objective in such cases, but it is also important for the people investigating any cases to be mindful of this element of relationships and how victims may be feeling.


We provide investigative services to law firms. Understanding the need to support lawyers with accurate and admissible evidence to cement their litigation efforts is our ultimate goal.

Lawyers, we got your back. We understand where you require immediate and effective assistance to complex litigation cases. “We have been there and done that.”


In Canada alone, according to CIP Statistics, Auto Insurance fraud is estimated to cost taxpayers $1.6 billion annually, though insurers like Aviva Canada peg the figure higher, at over $2 billion. We at Ascent Intelligence Agency Inc., have a mandate to serve the industry in exposing fraudsters and present fair and unbiased evidence to the courts, giving the deserving victims their due rewards.

If you are already aware of an incident, we can assist with the fraud investigation to help bring about a meaningful resolution. If you are not sure whether your company is vulnerable to these threats, we can assess the potential risk and recommend preventative measures or investigate further to ensure you are doing all you can to protect your business.

We have experience investigating and supporting fraud cases which help our clients to proceed with disciplinary action, civil and criminal litigation. Ascent Intelligence Agency has experienced fraud investigation team with commercial and criminal investigation expertise.


Truth is incontrovertible, malice might attack it, ignorance may deride it, but at the end there it is. -Winston Churchill-

Suspicion is no coincidence, but pales in comparison to actual fact. When there are cheating spouses there is the need to get to the bottom of the matter and uncover the truth.


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