The Amazing Tea Company

The Amazing Tea Company

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16 Rutherford Road South
Brampton, ON
The Amazing Tea Company specializes in superior loose leaf teas at budget friendly prices. As a you


Premier tea does not have to break your wallet but allows you the luxury of enjoying amazing teas daily, and sometimes 2 times a day.

We continue to grow our offerings of tea by including traditional Jamaican tea bushes such as sour sop leaves infused with black tea and green tea.

We are family owned and operated. Tea is in our DNA. It all started with my mother, who had a history steeped in luxury coffee; the finest in the world, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. She also had a farm where she grew herbs and tea bushes (mint, lemongrass, spearmint, hibiscus, etc.). As a child, we would visit the luscious green fields and collect the best quality tea leaves to be sold at the market in Kingston, Jamaica.