Serene Laser Beauty- "Hair Removal"

Serene Laser Beauty- "Hair Removal"

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Welcome to Serene Laser Beauty, where we specialize in delivering a tranquil oasis of beauty and con


At Serene Laser Beauty, we redefine your beauty journey, offering remarkable results with virtually no downtime. Our state-of-the-art treatments bring forth a renewed radiance, unveiling your natural glow. With 6-8 carefully curated sessions, tailored to the specific area of your skin, you'll witness the transformative power of our expertise.

Why you should choose us:

+Non-invasive, long term hair reduction removal

+All skin shade treatment available

+Clean and Minimal pain free treatments

+Safe and effective solution

+No downtime

+Treatment all year round

+LP:ND YAG handpiece of choice for treating black/brown shade skin types # 5 and 6. The hair in a skin type of 5 & 6 sits 3-4mm deeper, hence longer wavelengths are needed as the protons must reach the target in order to be absorbed to destroy the target. In turn the melanin absorbs the laser energy in hair follicles more effectively.

We have the capability with the "Soprano Titanium technology" to adjust parameters for varying kin types, which ensures that safety measures are met for all our clients, all while still providing them with effective results.

Dont hesitate to connect with us, by email and phone. Leave us a message and or inquiry with your availability and we will be happy to reach out to you!


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