Lisa's Holistic Rehab & Neurofeedback

Lisa's Holistic Rehab & Neurofeedback

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397 Bedford Hwy Suite 310
Halifax, NS
Providing cutting edge brain rehabilitation for all ages. Workshops: Brain basics, racism rehab.


Lisa’s Holistic Rehab & Neurofeedback is committed to providing cutting edge interventions that change the brain’s ability to heal itself. We aim to help people of all ages live to their full potential by offering comprehensive assessment and systematic treatment options to those suffering from problems with attention, concussions, trauma, reading difficulties, sensory processing, anxiety, depression, balance, walking, migraines, light sensitivity, insomnia, learning, etc.

We also offer workshops such as an experiential anti racism workshops for people (especially teachers) to reflect on their bias an to change their behaviour; presentations on mental health, the impact of racism, and talk about trauma within the black community; and we are launching the Brain Basics program curriculum for ECEs to help them support young children meet their milestones in a safe environment so that learning difficulties are minimized.

We are changing lives one brain at a time!


Monday to Friday 9am - 4 pm



Marcia-Lisa Dennis
Halifax , Canada