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My mom, Saunders, a former teacher, always insisted on "pleases" and "thank yous". After every holiday, birthday, or celebration she would ask, "Have you written a thank you note?" I would then be promptly sent to a table or desk to write one. Tedious as this task seemed to me as a child, I realized how important this was when my grandmother showed me the box of my saved letters and thank you’s sent to her over the years, as I visited her in her nursing home. Handwritten letters and writing to say thank you are quickly becoming a lost art. To honour my mother's memory, I have decided to start a card company. I have packaged cards for you to take the time to write the people you care about. The artwork on the cards are original works by me. The "thank you" inside the card is in my mother’s handwriting. I hope to feature the work seasonally and expand the collection. A portion of the sale of each box of cards/items will go to support local cancer and breast cancer charities. Thank YOU for your support. I think Saunders would agree, that there needs to be a little more gratitude in the world! ES Designs


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Emily Somers
St. Stephen, New Brunswick , Canada