Ultimate Potentials Corporation

Ultimate Potentials Corporation

Health & Fitness Services Training & Education
PO Box 55016 Dakota
Winnipeg, MB
We are an organizational development enterprise that works with other businesses and organizations t


Ultimate Potentials: Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision: To be the providers and supporters of true work/life FLOW by removing the traditional divide between work and life. Instead, we focus on supporting organizations and families to FLOW seamlessly between work and life.

Our Mission: That IDARE Work learning platform be the first choice by organizations to support the growth and development of their employees: because people matter.

Our Mission: To use IDARE Life coaching platform to support families and couples become better partners to each other-because families matter.

Our Values:

We believe that employees, families, individuals & people, in general, are key contributors to successful organizations and communities

We believe that emotionally intelligent employees, families, and individuals are the starting points for living and working to full potential

We believe a strong foundation is necessary for successful organizations-families, individuals and communities are the foundation

We believe that true organizational and family success begins with one emotionally healthy person at a time