Donnette Odidison

Donnette Odidison

Services Real Estate
1601 Buffalo Place
Winnipeg, MB
I attribute my success to my honest, ethical way of communicating & really getting to know my client


Hi, I’m Donnette. I’m a full-time licensed REALTOR®, broker, and manager. I’m hard working, dedicated, and goal oriented, of course. But I’m also a realist. I promise to always tell it like it is, and build your trust throughout the process. Helping others has always been my passion and this business lets me do that every single day.

My entire life I’ve loved the process of negotiation – the ins and outs of making an argument and defending a position. This love led me straight into real estate, where I could pair that passion for negotiation and closing a deal with helping people find the perfect home and get through all the ups and downs of that process.

A few years into my career in real estate, I bought my very first home and the experience of entering the market as a first time home buyer taught me one of the most valuable lessons I’ve ever learned: this process isn’t all smiles and easy decisions. Being in the real estate market as a buyer or seller is hard work, with hurdles to navigate and barriers to overcome. After purchasing my home, I sent a letter to every single one of my former clients empathizing and reiterating my understanding of how they had felt throughout the process. It was a huge breakthrough for me. I could relate to my clients on a whole new level and understand their stress and fear, but also their joy when they found their dream home.

I absolutely love my family and friends and I adore spending time with those closest to me.

My husband, though I maintain that I’m his better half, is an incredible, hard working person who makes me better every single day, since he entered my life so many years ago. I also love to travel, read, watch movies, and listen to music.

Having been in real estate industry since 2006, I attribute my success to my honest, ethical way of communicating and really getting to know my clients and my attention to detail. I find fulfillment in listening to my clients, working together to find a solution, and becoming fast friends throughout the process. My life and work is all about relationships. I can’t wait to meet you!