Urban Machina

Urban Machina

#231-1868 Glen Drive
Vancouver, BC
There are an astounding number of choices and things to consider while buying an electric scooter.


To choose the best electronic scooters that are eco-friendly to travel, Urban Machina presents products that are alternative transportation options. They are designed to be effective and eco-friendly. One can easily commute from home to work in the distance of 6KM to 7KM one way. Their foldable electric vehicles eliminate the need to drive when you can carry it when you don't feel like riding it.

Urban Machina aims to reduce the impact of carbon-generating vehicles. Urban mobility is crucial and affects one's life quality. Be ready to navigate the beautiful cities through an electronic ride! Further, Urban Machina is committed to making your commuting easier with safety and reliability.


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Urban Machina
Vancouver , Canada