Efe Fruci - The Coaching Element

Efe Fruci - The Coaching Element

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595 Howe Street #506
Vancouver, BC
Efe Fruci is a Career and Confidence Coach


The Coaching Element (TCE) combines career and confidence together and that means we highlight your skills, look at your strengths and see where and how we can make improvements in resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, interview preparation, and more.

TCE places your career goals and aspirations alongside your self-confidence and worth. Having the best resume and a polished LinkedIn are all good things to have and we believe that this plus knowing that when you walk into any room that you belong will set you apart and set you up for success both professionally and personally.

TCE prepares you for your career and your next steps from students graduating and securing their first job or internship, to professionals looking to transition or navigate into new career paths to ensure you stand out and are not settling for a career that doesn't align with your values, strengths, and/or vision. TCE is dedicated to helping you prepare and secure a job that you can be proud of and fulfilled in.



Efe Fruci
Vancouver , Canada